Since inception the company has successfully proven its competence professionally in large number of projects in the Government & the Private sectors. The company has been paying great attention to the smallest of details, emphasizing quality and safety, for the services that we provide to our valued CLIENTS to maximize “Customer Satisfaction” and “Timely Completion”.

From the beginning of the new millennium we’re re-structuring & upgrading our company policies, procedures & strategies to set the best practices & standards in the industry.

Our domain of activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. General contracting
    We are a construction support company; willing to assist, relocate and mobilize anywhere we are may needed to serve any contractor. We have very diverse atmosphere in our system to employ the best available staff from around the globe. We have large number of highly skilled and professionals registered in our database.
    Gulf Waves Co,. has begun its business as a civil contractor in residential and commercial construction. We are with over 18 years of experience in civil and steel building construction. Licensed and certified by major steel structure industries such as Kirby Steel Building Systems.
    Mechanical construction in the areas of energy is one of our interests. We employ best machines, equipment, tools and highly professional/skilled workforce to satisfy our clients.We apply international codes and standards to meet the industrial requirements of operations.Pipeline construction is one of the major industries we pursue. We undertake all kind of pipeline projects anywhere around the world.
  4. Construction, commissioning and maintenance in the areas of electrical, instrumentation, communication & telephony, Satellite & Security equipment.
  5. Heavy equipment leasing & renting.
  6. Logistics services.
  7. Manpower servicing.
  8. Porto Cabins – designing, fabrication, on site installation & commissioning.
  9. Business sponsorship.

To accomplish all these tasks, we have an excellent team of highly motivated, skilled, experienced & qualified managers, engineers and workers. But when our own resources become limited we hire specialist professionals for specific project requirements and sub-contract specific project segments to other leading companies to meet project targets on time. We have all the avenues to be a single window for multi-discipline and multi-functional jobs.